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Default RE: 101 or 111

What size sails will you be using on the board?

I have an iSonic 105 (basically the same as the 101). I find I can take it out with an 8.0 if the conditions keep the 8.0 fully powered up. But I only weigh 65 kg. The minute the winds let up, the 8.0 creates a very unstable situation. I find I expend too much energy sailing when the 8.0 isn't powered up.

So, if you want to use the 101 with an 8.0-8.5 make sure you are in powered to overpowered conditions. With smaller sails (6.6 - 5.6), I find that the board can float through lulls with easy. I'm usually on a smaller sail than most sailors with different boards. And I'm usually planing before them. A fellow sailor who is usually about the same speed as me was on a 150L board with a 7.9m2 sail. I was on my iS105 with a 6.6 V8. I was about as fast as him in the lighter winds, but when it picked up, I was markedly faster than him...and I was able to get on a plane sooner.

The specs for the Sx M reads like a match for the 111 but with less volume. At your weight, my gut tells me you should be looking at the 111. If you were my weight, I might be saying 101. You would be able to keep the 111 in control in stronger winds than me.

It really comes down to what sail sizes you plan on using. I've held my 105 down with a 4.8, but when the winds died a hair, the 8.0 a good match (same day). In chop, at my weight, I find I'm still learning how to keep the board's speed in chop. This might not be an issue for a larger person.

I should add... in the one race I've used my iS105 in, I was consistently the first person off the line. I could get the iS105 up on a plane much easier than my competitors. I love this board for that.
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