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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

Cams are used in order to have a rigid leading edge. This means that the sail fore section always holds its shape, be it filled with wind or not. In fact, when you start to sheet in, a no-cam sails uses the first part of the wind pressure to get its designed shape: rotated, with the batten front ends aligned to the leeward side of the luff, and a proper profile. With a cammed sails, such shape is built in, so that each amount of wind can be used for propulsion. In this sense, a cammed sail could have better power than a no cam one. But the point is that cammed sails are usually intended to deliver their best performances at high speeds and to be used in higher wind ranges than the same sizes in different designs; so leeches are usually more twisted and loose and, despite their better efficiency, cammed sails are no more powerful than different models. In my experience, I can tell you that I use comfortably my Sonic 95 with a 6.6 TR-2 (competition race sail) when most of my buddies are out with sails around 5.5 or smaller.
To this scenario of course one has to add the higher weight of a cammed sail.
In the end, while I agree with you that modern cammed sails do rotate very smoothly (and as a user of Maui Sails race designs it is very obvious for me to agree), if I was in your shoes and in order to achieve better low end on a freeride board, I'd rather look for a no cam sail.
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