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Default RE: What Starboard for 8.5 + 10 m?

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your input. I would love it if the 125 could carry nicely a 10 m sail, because I think that I can get one for a very good price, however I have difficulty believing that a 75 cm wide board can be efficient and smooth with that size of sail; it may just be a mental block, though. I'll see whether I can borrow a 125...
Concerning the 2 or 3 knots difference between the 133 and the 145: that is a MASSIVE difference, especially on the low end, don't you think?
I would really like to have input from Remi or Ian, but it seems that 280 reads (and counting) do not justify their time and their input, nor do the 8 Starboards (I have not mentioned them all in my first post) that I have currently between my 2 quivers (1 at home, 1 on Maui); perhaps i ought to start looking at Tabou, JP or Fanatic, they make pretty decent boards.
Again, thanks for your advice,

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