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Default Valve Screws - Suggestion for a better design


I'm hopeless at remembering to do-up/undo the valve screw on my board when I go out sailing or go travelling.

The problem is that its hard to see if the screw is loose or tight. It not a good idea to take it out cos you end up losing it

Why not have a big brightly coloured lever that would stand prone from the board surface when open, instead of a small screw that needs a screw driver to open and close.
Or attach the screw to the board with a tether so you can take it out and leave it dangling as a reminder.

Better still, the mast foot base or fin box could be designed in some way as to act as a bung for the breather hole.

Just a suggestion of course to a problem that I know I and many sailors have.


I'm going to buy a Starboard EVO soon (just as soon as my wife lets me!)
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