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Default RE: Valve Screws - Suggestion for a better design


sorry to disagree... but I really hope that neither Starboard nor other makers will give up the simple old srew design. Other solutions do show up at times, but a simple screw with an O-ring will work flawlessly and give no problems. Remember that the air valve is continuously exposed to salt water, sun rays, sand... personally I would trust no mechanism to do that job properly over time. At least one manufacturer uses Gore-Tex valves, but I don't trust them and if I will decide to buy a board from that manufacturer, I will ask to fit a classic screw instead.
Rather, and expecially if you tend to forget about it, why do you screw and unscrew the valve every time? If I was in your shoes, I'd rather close it at seanon's start, keep it closed at all times and open it again at season's end, except in the case of a plane travel or exposure to major pressure (approaching/leaving of thunderstorms or deep fronts) and heat changes.
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