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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

I would not talk of "power", but rather of "low end". In my experience a (modern) no cam sail would generally have better power at its low end due (generally) to the possibility to set it correctly keeping a (relatively) tighter leech. While a cammed sail is generally designed to be set with a very loose leech and would not work nicely when set differently.
Use of cambers in itself does not impair low end power; actually, at the beginning of cam development, cams where used to hold a very deep draft and enhance low end power. My opinion is rather based on how modern cammed sails are generally designed. Anyhow, I must reckon that my experience is limited and Tushingham might have developed "super high torque" cam sails with their Lightning models; but I would be surprised of this.
If low end power is desired, I'd go with a no cam freeride design. If both low end and high stability at speed are desired, I'd go for a cambered sail, but in a bigger size.
More, you should consider what the board is designed for. It would be of little of any use to put a cammed sail on a board/fin than can't reach the speeds that added stability is needed for.
To answer directly to your question: it seems to me that no-cam sails are generally more focalized on low end power than cammed sails of similar size; with lightness coming as an added bonus.
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