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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

Hi Per

I sailed the AE 127 with a 5,8 NP RX2 in flatwater/moderate chop.
I used the stock freeride fin, wind 20-25 knots I think( its a year ago).
The combo worked fine for me.
Never tested it with 7,6/8,5 race sails, as intended, maybe later this year.
I feel, I can better get the "sailing on the fin"(freeeride-freerace) feeling when using a freerace/race sail.Also transition from slogging to planning gets more freeride like.
When using camless sails (S2/Gator/Grind) you have to use the turn downwind, move back on the board and pump, or use a wave som offset.
In my opinion the board has no problems with cammed sail, the freeride character of the board will benefit, the choise of the correct fin for this setup is another game. :-)


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