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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

I am sorry, but I have to disagree with some of the observations made here. I actually think that the Lightning will not allow you to get the best out of the aero.

all the leading edge stuff is all true, but more crucial here is the location of the centre of effort in the sail. The point of cammed sails is to lock the centre of effort down and forward into the sail so that every ounce of drive is pushed down into the board.To accomodate this - and to make boards fast - slalom and freeride boards have straighter rocker lines. In layman's terms, faster boards are straighter for longer.

A wave(ish) board like the Aero is more 'banana shaped'. This makes it feel loose and easier to turn and do manouvres with. However, if the sail pushed a 'banana shaped board' into the water, you end up pushing water out in front of you - in other words, the board struggles to plane for much longer. The only scenario in which this combo would work is if you sail overpowered, and literally manage to sail the board completely off the fin (the less of the board is in the water the less the banana shape will matter) - right up to that point the combination will feel heavy and laborious.

an ordinary free-ride sail (no cam) or even better a free-ride wave sail will have its centre of effort higher up, and the sail pushes more forward than down. This will encourage earlier planing (the banana shape is pushed forward rather than down and forward) and the board will feel much looser and responsive.

I have actually tried this and found it to be true for most free-style wave boards and large wave boards
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