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Default RE: footstrap change when changing sail brand

Hi Erik,
Where did you hear this? (Code Red makes more "downforce" than
Warp sails?
What is "downforce"?
Do you mean mast foot pressure here?
If so, the amount you rake your rig upwind can affect the mast foot pressure. So can harness line positon and boom height.
you can change the mast foot pressure by moving your mast foot, so it's an "adjustment" that you need to figure out for yourself as mast foot pressure can vary according to your stance, and a number of other factors and where it's best for you is probably somewhat unique to you, your weight, your fins, your rigs.
What's best for you.... re mast foot position, boom height, harness line placements, may be quite different for other sailors on the same rig board and fin.
Hope this helps,
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