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I am about 82kgs and current have a 2005 model S-type 104, Kombat 85 and EV0 74. My sails are Saber 6.7m, 6.2m, Expression 5.7m, Alpha 5.4m, Combat 5.0m & 4.5m. Where I mostly sail is on bay, only a couple streets up from where Ian Fox sails.

I am currently thinking about upgrading some or all my boards. I love the S-Type and EVO. My plan is to maybe keep the EVO 74 for the 5.0m and 4.5m sails. What I am confused about is what size S-type should I go for that suits my weight and the 6.7m and 6.2m sails? I noticed the 2007 model states a smaller sail size range.

Also I would like a board in between the S-Type and the EVO that I can try and learn freestyle with the 5.7m and use the 5.4m when the swells gets up for some semi wave riding?

Any suggestions would help.
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