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Default RE: diffrence isonics 133 and 105 2006 and 2007

I have sailed both the iS 105 DRAM and the iS 105 WOOD; I can confirm that the difference in stiffness between the two boards is very significant. I am almost 100% sure that the difference in stiffness between the 101 WOOD and the 105 DRAM felt by 02bnme had everything to do with the different manufacturing technologies.
BTW, after experiencing the difference in performance between the two technologies, I can tell that it more than justifies the difference in price; personally, I would prefer to delay the purchase of a new board until I can afford the wood construction, rather than get a DRAM board earlier.

I would be keen to know whether the 101 has less of a tendency to get its nose caught in the water at the bottom of waves than the 105, or whether it is the same deal. Has anyone had a chance to compare?

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