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Default RE: Anybody try the Apollo Yet?

Hi Hugh
I was using my best racing fin F1 S- 70cm +8 which I use in my F161 with 11 and 11,8 in both, Apollo and F161, for clear comparison. Its a super super soft, slim but powerfull fat profile fin. This fin provides the F161 with super lift upwind and allows very free unproblematic and fast deep downwind. Because of the +7,5cm wider tail of the Apollo I have to ride this fin more sensible. I dont believe to much in the 75cm in our gusty conditions. In stronger Gusts its to slow because to large. Maybe a good choice in constant 7-11kn, not in 7-15kn.
I will use my Apollo in racing with 11 and 11,8 specially in gusty conditions with 7kn areas. Will report after first competitions of Formula Super Cup in May.
peter B)
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