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Default RE: Corpus gets a new (old) launch

Sorry to hear about your plight geo but don't look to the manufacturers for help. Their primary interest is retailers- they don't have many other options for ears in any given community. Local matters most often require slogging through local government seldom is it a quick process. When 'free' is in the equation it takes public support (either a majority or an effective vocal minority). We had neither cooperative dealers nor friendly politicians and had to settle for paying a business for access. We feel lucky to have gotten that.
Fortunetly, the folks at that local marina have put in things suggested (the Tiki bar was their idea) by several local boardsailors to make the membership cost less objectionable. I hope it works because its the windiest launch in windy Corpus Christi throughout most of the year. The new launch is one of several in Corpus Christi but it is the only one on the mainland side of the laguna Madre and IMHO the best flat water launch west of Cape Hatteras.
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