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Default RE: Board/sail combo for gusty flat water sailing

Sorry to have to disagree again, but I do so on the basis of having a iSonic 111

The iSonics are not as early planing as other slalom boards. For instance, the Fanatic Falcon gets going much earlier and the F2 SX a little earlier. The iSonics, need a little bit of power to get going but really come into their own at the top end. In other words it will be more controllable in higher winds.

Having tried the Fanatic Falcon 131 and 111 against the SB iSonic 133 and 111 I KNOW this to be true. Both Falcons got going earlier, both StarBoards could be kept on the water much longer. My choice for the StarBoards was based on this, and my choice for a 133 (over a 122) was based on the ability to stick it down on the water in heavier winds.

For foulwater jack, the choice of the iS111 would IMHO be wrong. You will end up floundering a lot of the time and a slalom board is not a pleasure to schlog around on - in those conditions its uncomfortable and incredibly frustrating. In addition, whatever anyone says, sticking a 9m on the iS111 is more than possible, but that doesn't mean you should do it more than you need to. In marginal (non planing) conditions you will never have experienced something quite so uncomfortable, and because the iS (like many slalom boards) has no volume in the nose at all (it sinks as soon as you look at it) uphauling anything on it is quite a chore.

In other words, go for the 122! Time on the water is what we need, and time planing is the alhambra of windsurfing. There is no doubt you will do more of this on the iS122 than you will on the 111. In heavier winds you can stick a smaller fin on it and manage to keep it on the water. It will take a 9m sail much easier than the 111 and what's more you will be able to comfortably uphaul it should you need to.
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