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Default RE: Anybody try the Apollo Yet?

Hi Bensen,
Sunday with the 10.0 Retro (which everyone who tried the board in 8-12 knots got going prettye easily was a True Ames Santa Barabara Weed 53 cm (20.8 ").
On Monday, I used a True Ames Santa Barbara Weed 58 cm with the 9.1 NX slm.
I have alot more finsx to try this week.
So far, the OEM 75 cm wide chord Drake seems to work to get planing, but I've found that shorter fins are significantly faster, so I'm working toward finding a fin/rig combination that's both fast and plaes super early.
Bruce P. gave me some suggestions to get more low end out of my sails yesterday , so I have a whole new spectrum of ideas to check out here.
I'm yhinking that for my weight, a 70-72 is ultimately going to be the best race type fin size for me, and as I say, I have about 5 or 6 different weed fin designs to test as well.
So far, in "easy to get planing conditions (around 7 knots) my first choice of fins would be a Deboichet Concept 64 and the True Ames
SB Weed 53 cm.
Hope this helps,
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