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Default Larger Fin for my F155

<dr nick voice> Hi Everybody! </nick voice>

got a question about fins for my older f155 It has a tuttle box in it, and I would really like to get a bigger fin to match my 10.5 sail.

Currently I have the stock 58 cm fin and a 55 cm fin with a wider chord.

I like the 58 cm fin with my 7.5... using that ratio, I would like to try a 65 - 70 cm fin with my 10.5

however, most fins that large do not have the tuttle box, they are deep tuttle.

so, as I see it, I can.

a) Look forever till I find that 70cm reg tutle box fin.
b) Replace the fin box with a DTT box
c) buy a DTT fin and make it a reg tutle fin by cutting the root down and drilling new screw holes. (yikes)
D) Figure out a way to make the DTT fin fit in the TT box. It looks like there is extra room in the box currently - the cavity height is larger than the height of a TT fin root. (double yikes)

what do you all have to say?

Anyone here run with a 70cm tutle fin? am I going to blow out the box? How about converting a fin?

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