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That would be a Kombat. Pure Acid is an option if you're looking for a board in the high wind range. The Kombat can definitely hold its own on a wave and is excellent through chop. Still you can trim it for flat water freeriding with the straps out and back.

Compared to an Acid, there is slight compromise in how the board will handle epic wave conditions. The slightly wider tail and shoulders just gets a handfol a bit earlier. But make no mistake, in most wave conditions it will still rock.

Compared to for example an S-type the Kombat is a tad less agile and fast when you put the hammer down in flat water, but the wave riding ability is CLEARLY better than the S-type.

When it comes to sizing, it depends on which sails you're looking to use with the board. The K87 will be the most all round board with the widest range and if you have a bigger board as a complement, I don't think a bigger board would be better. The Kombats are very efffective shapes and generally "hold up" for bigger sailors relative the board volume.
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