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Hi G,

If you want to maintain some serious light wind 7.8 and typical 9.0 conditions performance, then the decision to take iS111 over 101 is pretty easy. You will also find the 111 is not so bad with 7.2m and even 6.3 (although those sizes are more typically the sweetspot for 101/82kg ) - in fact, even the 122 (not in consideration, but useful as a reference) behaves better in "overpowered" or choppy conditions that everyone expects, so don't be too concerned the size of the 111 is a handicap. Most especially in race conditions, where it's critical to be fast "all the time", rather than "faster some of the time". Moreso if Fig 8 as the upwind leg is usually more to gain/lose than downwind, and the upwind ofen tests the planing threshold of the combo more than the downwind..

When pushed hard into overpower mode, the 111 will tend to ride more across the chop than the 101 - in those same conditions. This means a number of subtle things, but in summary for this discussion, the 111 will benefit from a more "overpower" style of rider technique when ridden in conditions that would be more typical for 101- that's to say, if you're the type of rider who can really put the power down and just blast thru, then the "disadvantage" of using the larger 111 in 101 conditions is less.

Re Thierry's comments : how low is "too low" depends on a lot of things, in fact in technical analysis of a design "riding too low" usually implies a board that is not riding "free enough", rather than a board that may not have enough nose scoop/lift/rocker (so 2 different attributes). In the case of the 101, the nose lift is low, but the board rides moderately free (almost to "freeride" potential). the jibe on the 101 is also noticeably better (freer/more instictive) than the previous 105.

Cheers ~ Ian

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