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Ian Fox
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Default RE: diffrence isonics 133 and 105 2006 and 2007

Hi Erik,

Comparing the iS133 and iS101 with previous 2006 shapes, you will most likely feel more difference in the 101 over the 105 than the 133 over 135. This also has to do with the conditions that you'll be pushing the 101/105 in, rather than the easier/lighter conditions of the 133/135. For me(and alot of others) the 101 is really an "outstanding" model in the 2007 line, not to imply the others are not (at all! ) but there are really a couple of magic ones this year.. it's been well stated before that 101 is on that exclusive list.

As for the construction differences (not really the original discussion), yes, the difference is "feelable", as commented by o2 and Thierry above. For 2007 iS101 models, the choice of Dram/ Technora vs Wood is made easy for you...

For thierry, yes, the tendency to catch the nose in the bottom of waves is less with the 101, but maybe more subtly due to improved trim on the board overall, which allows the board to be pushed on safely in conditions that definitely don't feel very safe..if you get the idea.
It is fair to say that although in general the iS range is a very accessible "slalom" design - and relatively easy to ride in mild to moderate slalom conditions, it does have additional "over power" (wild)range that requires a more techincal stle/approach/commitment to get the very most from. In this regard, it is not unlike a lot of other racing machines in the world. Even discussing this seems like it's a beast - it is not at all - but ridden to extremes can also be a satisfying challenge - and result indeed.

Cheers ~ Ian
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