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Default RE: What happened to the Diva's?

Hello all,

Look on the bright side. The Diva models that I have seen are all high performance boards. There were 2 Carve models(145 and 121) and 1 Evo(65) in the 2005 catalog that I have.

Aside from the graphics, the board performance is the same. You could choose a GO 129 or a Carve 122 or bigger Carve that would be comparable. To replace the Evo, you have even greater choices with Acid or Kombat models. I currently sail a GO 155 for light wind days and a Carve 101 for stronger winds. Both are excellent.

I also agree with Katty about the resale potential.

When you are speeding by someone on the water, they will not be able to notice the graphics on your board, only your style!

Happy sailing.

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