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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

Hi LK..
Thanks for adding to the confusion
I do actually sail my AE with a 44 fin with good results. The standard 40 really sucks. Never worked for me.
In the latest edition of "Windsurf" there's a picture of a sailor, Allan Cross, going +30 knots on a Kombat with an X15 Tushingham sail. The X15 is made for one single purpose= MAX speed. It's an eight batten four cam machine on a cross over board.... He seems all right... Interesting..
Anyway a T-bird no cam is a seven batten sail with low foot, so is the twin cam Lightning.. None of them are loose wavy types..
The AE will not be a wave board with 8.5 m2... Sooo lots of ?????

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