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Hi G,

Although on paper the decision might look tight, when as many "variables" for your specific circumstances (inc having a higher wind slalom board) and conditions are factored into this particular choice, the decision (based on what we see) is pretty easy in favor of 111.

Q1 =Do the 111 have enough high wind control (helped by a small fin) that permits me to not worry of the board while racing?
A1= Yes, with the right rider style/technique (not difficult, but to get the very best requires "commitment" to load the rig and board) the 111 will most likely suprise you in a very positive way about how far into the mid/hi wind slaom range it can go and still be effective, most especially as a race weapon under "always varying" racing conditions (as you specified)

Q2= Do the 101 have enough low end to keep me going when in the pack and "only" 14-16 kns ?!
A2= Yes, but it become more critical to rider skill (etc), that's to say , obviously you will meet "marginal" conditions earlier (going down in wind power) on 101 than 111 : so with 111 the "reserve" of performance in failing power situations is better.

Q3 =Do the 101 perform well on a 7,8 Warp 2006 or this sail will push more than I need the board's nose down?
A3= Again depends to some extent on rider technique (size/style), because as the sail starts to overload the front, the rider can counter with more load onto the back and the result can be pretty good !!
But in general, with 7.8m, the less risky, more balanced (less leveraged) choice will be the 111.

In choppy "real world" racing conditions, the speed difference is not as large as you might think between the bigger board ( blasting over the top of chop with more impact but also more tolerant of less careful trim ) and the smaller board ( less impact, less drag - and theoretically MORE control in higher wind/chop - but also less tolerant of innaccurate trim (which is more likely on the smaller board when the smaller board is overpowered with the same size sail ).
Long sentence, but you get the idea..

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Cheers ~ Ian
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