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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Low End - iSonic 101 and 111 - Q for Ian Fox

Hi Sempai,

It's always difficult to define low end planing thresholds accurately, as there are many important variables involved. One of the critical variables is the rider style/technique/energy/determination to get any board going in a given set of conditions.

It's the difference between an "active" rider style (good pumping/planing skills) and a more "static" rider style (stand there and let rig/board/fin pull you onto the plane).

Both styles are very valid - and very common.

In summary, a rider with strong active style will reduce the low end planing gap between the 101 and 111, whilst a rider enjoying the relaxed (non active) style of ride will find a larger gap between the 101 and 111 (especially around 7.5m conditions)
A rider with really good active style could likely narrow the gap between the 101 down to 1-2kts (in the critical 7.5m planing threshold range); the rider adopting a fully "relaxed" style to early planing may find a 2-3 kt difference at that wind range.

(again, there are many outside variables - like water state flat vs choppy, and "quality" of wind in this range that have real influence on any hard numbers)

With a rider wight of 74kg, and moderate skill/energy, you should plane up pretty early on the iS101/7.6mTR3 - and the question deciding between the 101 and 111 could also be influenced by top end control/range.

Cheers ~ Ian
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