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Default iSonic105 technical ride

Hi Ian,

I?ve just bought an iS105 which replaces a Carve111. My other board is a HS133 and I found that C111 and HS 133 have a bigger overlap than I antecipated. So it made a lot more sense getting an iS105. Conditions are flatish, fresh water lake and winds tipycally gusty from 6 to 15 knots, ocasionally 20+. Sails Gaastra Matrix 5.5; GTX 6.5 and Severne OD 8.5. My weight 66Kg.

Now the questions.....Starboard defined smaller iSs as requiring a demanding and technical ride it would be nice if you were more specific about that definition. In other words what should I expect from the iS apart from lots of speed.

Another one ....although I really love my HS133 maybe it is time to move on. As it is my "big" board I was thinking about replacing it by an iS135 or 145.
How would you compare them? Is iS135 also hard to exit jybes with decent speeds which is IMHO the only HS133 fault?
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