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Default RE: Board(s) upgrade


I too have been thinking about the ST115 and maybe the K97. With regards to the ST115 what sail sizes would you suggest that would suit my weight and our sailing spot? I notice you also sail a ST on the bay, but I am not sure what size board and sails you use.

I also have an older 2003 model FreeFormula 137 that I use a V8 8.5m and V8 7.5m on, but when the wind gets up enough to use the ST104 I switch over very quickly as the ST104 is fantastic board and the bay gets a little bumpy for the FF137 at this point. I will be keeping the FF137 as I find it great board for those cruising days when you want to go any direction. Pity Starboard still doesn’t make them, as most of the guys down our way would buy them. Next season I will be looking at my sail I use for the FF137.

With regards to going bigger on the ST; I was maybe considering going 7.2m, but I love the Saber 6.2m so much, I still want to use the 6.2m on the ST that I end up with. This is one of my concerns with going to a ST115. Also I would like to get back in to racing next season and the ST I end up with would be my weapon of choice and if the wind was real light I would go the FF137.

With regards to the K97; I would only use my Expression 5.7m for bay sailing and trying to learn freestyle and use my Alpha 5.3m for bay wave riding so to speak. When the wind gets stronger for the Combat 5.0m or 4.5m I would then jump on the E74. Do you think the sail sizing and type of sailing I am considering is an ideal for the K97 over the K87?

With regards to sticking with the E74 I am open for suggestions to help with setting up what I call my ultimate quiver. As mentioned above the EVO board would primary be used for my 5.0m and 4.5m. Updating the EVO is not out of the question.

Most of my sailing is still on the bay. From Bono to Mount Martha to Elwood to Rye to Greens Pt and then some times down at Pt Danger and Inverloch

Also is there any benefit to go wood over DRAM?
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