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Default RE: Board(s) upgrade


Thanks again. It’s good to talk this out with some one who knows and sails the same conditions as I. I am also emailing with Warwick from RPS about options too.

With my current 2005 ST104 I use the forward and inner footstrap settings, as I find it easier to sail on the bay and still maintain good speed.
You mentioned the ST115 and my weight on the bay may not suit real 6.2m conditions. This does concern me as the 6.2m is my favourite sail. I plan not to run anything smaller than the 6.2m on the ST, maybe the 5.7m for a race if the mid size board is not suitable for the type of race. Would running with footstrap in the forward and inner position as I currently do help with control on the bay?

Also the 2007 model ST104 states a lower size range compared to my 2005 model. Would the 2005 get going before the 2007 using a 6.7m based on stated ranges?

I will look in to the K97 as an option Warwick has one and he says his prime sail is 5.3m. I would like a board to try freestyle, but which ST I choose is most important as I sails the ST104 a fair bit this season.
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