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Default RE: Aero with cammed sails, any experience?

Interesting thread and I think the differnt views on wether a cam sail would be good on the Aero or not reflect that the board is in fact very versatile and can be sailed in many different ways and the more time you get on it the better you can tune your stance to push it into terretories which are not neccesarily the most "core" to the board.

I personally never tried a cam sail on the Aero (I have 117). I messed around with a whole bunch of sails around 7-7.5 though. My experience is that the sail that got me planing the earliest (also in freeride setting) was a Hot Superfreak. This is a pretty flat and very "tight leeched" sail (100% dacron) which is not even fully battened (2 75% battens, the rest full length). The Aero need some care to break the planing treshold and the pumping technique that works with the tight superfreak simply seems to match up extremely well to the Aero. The superfreak is also an ideal partner to the Aero for any kinf of manouver oriented sailing.

I have a much easier time planing early with the 7.0 superfreak than with my 7.5 Speed demon (a nocam freeride/salom). The Speed Demon is still a sail with quite a lot of bottom end grunt, but its far more "floppy" at idle than the Superfreak and this means you need to move it around more when pumping and get a tad more trick to at the same time trim the Aero onto its pretty short "planing surface".

No doubt, the SpeedDemon makes the Aero go faster and maybe also handle lulls better once planing and alltough the Superfreak handles a totally unreasonably amount of wind, the Speed Demon still makes the Aero easier to sail on overpowered mode.

I've also used two other sails in this sail range, but I think the two above is enough to prove my point (which is that different sails are good for different things and optimizing for one aspect usually measn compromising others. And the better you are at sailing your particular board, the easier you can work around shortcomings of a particular sail on that board).

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