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Just read that our highwind board guru Ola H. will be away for a couple of weeks but maybe somebody else can have a look at this one.

I'm about to order a new high wind board and have homed in on the Kombat 87. I intend to center this board around a 5,2 onshore wavesail. Will the board be happy with a wave 4,5 on windier days? This is the smallest I plan to use on the Kombat 87.

My other boards are iSonic 122 (9,0+7,5) and S-type 115 (6,0 +7,0). I'm quite scertain this will be a OK 3 board quiver but before pushing that order button for the Kombat 87, it would be nice to hear your oppinions on this. Would it make sence to go even smaller on the high wind board (K79, Acid 80) ? Please see my detalis in the original post above.

Thanks !

/ Andy
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