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Default RE: Free Forum NOT FREE

Why bother,

- Free isn't free
- the normal nowaday contributer (don't mean everyone mind u e.g. some of the old crew -like Dolf- still visit once in a while) are somewhat far away from life/reality/windsurfing
- real posts get no or utterly useles to unqualified response (see actual post I was interested in), informational side posts like this one "rule" the forum...

quintessence: the quality of this forum has beed deteriorating since wonder tony (wonder if he actually gets paid for his "work", breadcrumbs?) has been changing this site under the "supervision" of grandiose surfer but web/IT ignorant Ian.

Yours truely

BTW. It is a surprise that anything works (trying to post this as a reply involes writing, posting, copy and pasting (some brainless under skilled webprogrammer offered some random features without marking them as such) and then posting again in a different window (adding this litte remark to it).

Just making sure, it doesn't work everytime you know
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