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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Free Forum NOT FREE

For the record...

The Free Forum is in fact still meant to be Free and open to post/reply by either registered (logged in) or unregistered/un-loggedin use. There is a problem in the code, resulted from a minor fix being patched in over other work, created a code conflict with the mods running the Free side of Free Forum, and, well, here we are.

It is our intention to have the Free back to Free ASAP.

Tony does a very good job for Starboard in a complex, multi IT role and does not cut the code for this Forum. When the decision to use the current Forum system was taken, the only one of many involved who was not in that decision was me. I could go on, but fortunately I'm disinterested in arguing what we can't change, and more importantly interested in what we CAN do enough to keep it moving.
Yes, Phill, it has had it's moments..

I'm baffled but disinterested in explaining to guys who don't appreciate the simple, positive fun and spirit which the Contributor incentive was offered. And yeah, the shirt each month can be dismissed as $5, and the board at the end $2000. And yes, we have offered it clearly to promote good, positive contribution to our Forums. Not ass kissing. (What would we learn from that ?) We don't care what your name is, what language you speak, or where you come from. Our ONLY simple caveat is if you don't register, we can't be sure you are you.

I'll leave it at that for now, F1 in Melb tomorrow, so that's me, leave you to it..

Cheers ~ Ian

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