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Default RE: to keep speed up

Hi jesenko,
Yes, on a wider board I have found that in order to "roll the board" with the best control, it's a good idea to leave the front foot in the strap, shift your back foot over near the rail on the lee side on the "sweet spot" and then kinda "tilt your whole body by pulling up with the front foot in the front footstrap on the upwind (outside radius of the jibe)as you push down at the same rate with the back foot on the lee side (inside radius of the jibe).
This rolls or "banks" the board into the jibe, but does not upset the fore and aft trim.
And, I don't know about the temp of the water in the sounds behind Cape Hatteras as I'm currently in Panama City Beach, FL, down on the Gulf.
I'll be back up in Hatteras next week.
Hope this helps,
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