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Default RE: demarrage pied dans le strap arriere


1) Peux-tu stp nous decrire exactement le probleme rencontre (comment chausses-tu tes straps) ?
2) Quels sont tes reglages de PDM, straps AV/AR et position d'aileron dans son boitier pour quelle taille de voile respective ?

Voici la fiche technique de l'Acid 77 cuvee 2003 :

Acid 77
The chameleon, a board for all seasons. The single to double concave hull and parallel mid with a hip at the back foot provides a good combination of drive and maneuverability.
Scotty's pro advice:" it Is very closely related to the 70 with only more volume being the notable difference. Suited for sailors around 75kg (Light wind) to 95kg (High wind) range. An extremely versatile board that is suited to any type of wave, mushy European to perfect Hawaiin/Austalian swells. Its loose, fast, driven and comfortable."

Volume 77 litres
Length 250 cm
Width 53.9 cm
One foot off 32.8 cm (<-- largeur a 30 cm de l&#39;arriere)
Weight wood 6.3 kg =/- 5%
Weight D-Ram 6.6 kg =/- 5%
Fin Drake Wave 220
Finbox US
Sail size 3.5 - 5.5 m2


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