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Default RE: Larger Fin for my F155


The board is the 2000 formula model and came with a stock 58 cm reg tuttle fin. I took a tape to the inside of the box, and it sure seems like there is a lot of space in there...

Using a standard measuring tape, I could insert the tape 4 inches into the board at both the front and back ends. Looking inside the box however, it looks like the "wall" at the back of the box starts out tapering in for about 1.5 - 2 inches, and then shoots straight up to the top of the board.

I've always assumed that the box was a reg tuttle box based on this link

However I did think that there seemed like a lot of extra room in there. It does not appear as though any reworking or replacement has been done ( I am the second owner)

Are you saying that this board does have a dtt box? That would be GREAT!

I also have a 2001 start , the archive link just says tuttle box, would this board also have a DTT box?

Thanks so much

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