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Hi Randy,
We had some "wild and wooly" sailing on the Serenity on Sat. in Panama City.
Wind was 20 knots + and I took the Serenity out with a 4.2 m2 Sailworks Hucker and a 38 cm True Ames Shallow Water fin.
Amazing.....just amazing.
The bow wave moved all the way back to slightly behind the mast foot, and the Serenity was just ripping along.
Got it going so fast that the short wide fin was beginning to get hard to control the roll on. Even with a very small 38 cm wide blade, that board was wanting to "turn over" like a longboard with too much centerboard.
I hope to get some pictures from Saturday's Demo with Hydrotherapy so others can see that the Serenity really isn't just a super light wind board.
Hope this helps,
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