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Default RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

Hi Duracell
The Aeros are love and hate boards.
I have the 127 and love it in it's right conditions when I can really play and throw the thing around i far from ideal conditions.
I hate it when the wind is not soo enough and the bastard just won't unstick and plane or point.

I have switched the standard fins with even deeper ones. I use a 44 freeride fin on the 127, even with a 6.5 sail.
It works on the early planing, speed and pointing part but of course the board is more loose with the wave fin.
Generally I think the major "problem" with the Ae/KA is a fin problem.
Starboard make great boards and shitty fins (and foot straps, they should leave this part to those who already can).
I mostly never use the fins that come with my Star boards.
A good experience I had on the AE was to move the mast track back to about 1/3 from the rear. It's like the rocker on the board is quite short and back, and when the board is controlled from the back it's easier to find the "sweet" spot to step down and get the board on a plane.
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