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Default RE: Tiesda - Severne Glide Sail?...

I would like also Ben Severne to respond to this question about the Glide sail. I asked about the "Glide" sail about a month ago, but ...
In the August 2006 issue of the German Surf there is an article (Segel-Revolution) based on a challenge that was thrown to a few sail makers. The purpose was to design a 7.5 m2 sail with the power of a typical freeride or freerace 9 m2 sail.

According to the magazine some of the contributions did really well, in particular the Severne r0;Glider1; prototype. In fact, the magazine was quite euphoric :-)

The magazine claimed better stability and almost as early planning as a one and a half square meter bigger freerace sail. The downside was slightly lower top speed. It sure sounded like a very good proposition for the regular Joe on the beach...

Are there any plans to put a sail similar to the r0;Glider1; prototype into production? If not, why would that be?

What do these sails require from the board? Every board has a maximum sail size that it can comfortably carry. A 65 cm wide board may carry a typical 7.5 m2, while a typical 9m2 requires a board that is 75 cm wide. How does an extremely powerful 7.5 m2 sail fit into this scheme? What size of board is required to carry it? Is it a 65, 70 or 75 cm wide board?
In fact, the Surf challenge has already yielded a production sail. Check out "". It helps if you know german, or feed the article through an online translator (try babel fish).

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