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Default RE: Carriage Bolts for F155 Fin

Hi Kevin,
You are trying, I'll give you that!
What you need are new "Barrel nuts" for your fin.
Send your address to my email, and I will send you a couple of new
brass barrel nuts for that fin.
Best if you remove the existing nuts (take a flat round punch slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the barrel nut and drive it out of the fin with a hammer) and then measure the outside diameter of the barrel nut (with a micrometer if you have one availavle), and send me that size.
There are lot's of different sizes of barrel nuts.
As an alternative, retap to 1/4"-20 UNC as suggested above.
If that doesn't work, get a Permatex/Loctite Stripped Thread Repair kit and "rebuild" the threads to your existing 6 mm fin screws.
I'm on the road at the moment, but I can give you the kit number and all pertinent details a bit later this evening.
You could email Joey <> or <> and ask for some barrel nuts, but without the size (outside diameter) of your existing nuts, it would be difficult to send you the correct size for a fin and board as old as yours.
Hope this helps,
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