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Default RE: Anyone speak (read) spanish

crazychemical wrote: in vain we supress our jealousy. SteveC asour january winner was questioned, now this guy. I was called names last time which actually put me off posting stuff on the forum. Stop these bloody polemics and get on with the stuff that matters.
I don't see any criticism of "this guy" (his name is Filochas)

It is only madspaniard who has misinterpreted my point (not at all surprisingly)

Do you really believe people contribute just to win a T shirt and then get upset when someone else gets it. If you can afford a Starboard board then a T-shirt is immaterial (excuse the pun)

You are missing the point! I cannot find any criticism of Filochas in any of my posts above and if manspaniard could comprehend as readily as he can insult people, he would also find the same.

I don't doubt SteveC or Filochas in their contribution. I am able to benefit from SteveC by reading and understanding his posts. Unfortunately, I don't speak Spanish - my loss I know but a fact nonetheless.

My point is that Ian announced in the "English" speaking forum a prize awarded to the Spanish forum

This could be considered, not only pointless but also frustrating (or even rude) to those who would like to understand why and also benefit from the perceived wisdom.

However, as I said before - congratulations (it must have been good)
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