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Default RE: Carve 121 set up

Thank you Roger,
you are fantastic every time !

I can unsderstand your problems for the second question.

I've change the carve 2003 and now I've e carve 2005.
My weight is 80 Kg and I'm 175 cm hight.
The foot strap are all the way back and out as you sad. The wind range is between 11 - 25 Knots (Porto pollo in Sardinia) and the sails are Gun sails Groove 6.2 and 6.8 and the fin is the drake fin.
I use a seat harnes, the boom is between chin and eyes level and harnes line are 24 inch.
I've found that the best position for the mast track is all the way back as you intend, but never happend "tailwalk" or loose of control.
My problem is the when I'm planing my weight and my body are all on front foot and the rear foot dont wark (I can not made force ) and often is out of strep .
Thank a lot,

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