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Ian Fox
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Hi Pietro,

Both boards are very good, but important to understand the subtle difference for boards designed to ride (surf) waves (actual surf wave riding) and the boards designed for more chop sailing across waves/chop.

In this case, the Evo is a design more truly focussed on surf wave performance, whereas the Kombat has some surf potential, but extra efficency which helps it be more fun in bump and jump / chop waves conditions. Also, being a slightly (but not overly) more efficent board in general than the super turny Evo, the Kombat86/87 will size (in "performance range", rather than simply absolute volume) closer to your Carve 122. That should create a more practical range overlap in your quiver.

PureAcid86 could be another good option, more wave oriented than the K86/87, but carrying a little more efficency, speed and B&J character than the more surf Evo, both the PA 86 and 80 extend very well into higher wind B&J in choppy water.

Hope that helps the decision, the discussion is open if more info is required.

Cheers ~ Ian
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