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Default RE: sail for 20-30 mph wind


Funny you should suggest the equipe. I took a break from sailing for about 8 years and decided last year that it was long enough. Wondering why? Well, I was on a local lake where my dad sails his Nacra. It was blowing nice for this area and I was itching to do some windsurfing. The guy who runs the sailing club owned a nice equipe and 7.5 Gaastra rig. I stole both and had the time of my life. Of course the wind was taken out my sails when a guy from another part of the lake showed up with this bizarre wide, door looking thing. He was flying! So I ran out and purchased a big Carve 145 and a 9.0 Retro. I'm back and I don't have to sit on shore anymore!

By the way, the equipe is a great board.
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