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Default RE: Sail sizes + power

Hi Roger
Thanks for reply. Yes I agree with all you say.Combat could perhaps work better on NP mast ; I use Tush 45 or Amex 100 (RDM) for either sail. (Both sails better on 100%)
There isn`t a problem with either sail; both great; but for whatever reason (be it cut ; size shape or draft (draught ???)) they can not both be viewed as 5 metre sails.
Is there is something of a marketing ploy going on.???
NP search renowned for power is a big sail for "its size???" the combat renowned for strong wind controlability is small for "its size".
In past we have all moaned about virtual board volumes being quoted(and its now stopped) but we accept it quite readily in sail sizes.
(For comparison within my quiver I multiply boom by luff (in cm) and divide by 1000. This is a very rough and ready (and simplistic) calculation but gives a better guide than the number quoted on the sails. (ie the Combat scores 69; the MC wave 74. This represents about what I would see subjectively as the difference in power rating of the 2 sails. (On same scale my sails score from 54 (for a 3.7) to 123 for an 8.5.
A sails area should be just that.
Good sailing
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