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Hi Ihowemt,
If you want a wider board to go with your Seatrand, specially for lighter wind and flatter conditions, one of the mid size Isonics might be very good.
Since yoiu have other boards for the Gorge in nukin' conditions (the OO) the Isonic 122/133/145 might be very good, but you will need to get some larger rigs to get the full benefit of the wider fast boards and their early planing capability.
If you want to stay with boards that really shine with 6.2-5.2 m2 rigs then the Isonic 111/101 might be better, but won't have the early planing capacity and will still be tough (but not as tough) to slog.
These aren't the greatest jibers, but with a little learning curve they jibe pretty well.
The S-Type seems to be the best replacement for your Seatrend, as it's more an all around board, but it won't plane as early as the Isonics but jibes better and is not quite so "speed" oriented.
I apologize for my assmption (in my original post) that you wanted
something to replace the Seatrend, rather than a board that's
quite different.
Sorry not to be more specific here, but I'm trying to recommend something that works in light air Gorge conditions as well as on your lakes there in Montana.
What's your primary focus...?
Going fast...
Great jibes....
Smooth in knee high chop...
Early planing in < 14 knots...
Hope this helps,
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