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Hi Roger-

Thanks for the info and questions.

This board is to replace the Seatrend, in that I want to sail my 6.2 down to 5.2 on it. It wouldn't necessarily have to go down to the 5.2 well, but I sail the Seatrend down to the 5.2 and if still overpowered I switch to my other MT board, a Mistral Ecstacy. So the target sail size is 6.2. Even though it is to replace the ST, it doesn't need to sail just like it, I think the new boards probably offer way more than the old ST. My brother has told me that all the new boards are so different, nothing new will be like the ST. That is OK assuming the new boards/technology are "better". I do not want my new board for the gorge, lakes only. The thing I love about the ST is the early planing, but it sounds like that can't quite be found in either the S-type or isonic. Let me prioritize my needs better as you request

1) Early planing in 15->20 knots (I won't go out until it is OK for the 6.2, BTW it is a Loft Lip Wave from last year). I need early planing so I can catch a gust and get planing and continue planing when it backs off a bit and not fall off the plane right away.
2) Good jibing (doesn't have to be easy, I can rip fun jibes on the Seatrend so maybe this isn't as much of a factor since most people consider those to be poor jibers, especially compared to new stuff, so maybe any of the new boards would jibe better?).
3) Upwind capability (ST is a beast to keep upwind)
4) Slog

It sounds like you think the following boards would be good for each of my priorities.

1) Isonc 111 (or perhaps the 122 to plane earlier and slog better?)
2) ??? Either one better than Seatrend?
4) Isonic better than S-type

Speed is something I enjoy but don't consider it a high priority.
Our lake chop is nowhere near knee deep, more like a foot or so, perhaps I should consider this flat sailing.

How does the Carve fit into all this? I don't even know how to classify this lake sailing. Freeride, crossover, ???

thanks a ton

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