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Default RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

The other day when I was out on my AE 127 with straps out, 44 cm fin and a 6.5 the board sailed really bad... Really BAD... Poor pointing, very poor planing and bad control.. It felt like having a handful of weed around the fin... I have tried the same combintion with the Drake 40 fin that came with the board. That was completely useless..
I then switched the 44 fin to the 30 wave fin, put straps in and loosened the outhaul a little.
The board really came alive. Speed went up, planing came back, and the manueverability of the board really shone.. It went from shit to great.
Basically the board seems to be a wave board, and thats it. Maybe ok for freeriding with bigger sails.
These boards - AE/KA - are quite niche boards and experimentals. I think Starboard, in the future, should take more care not to experiment too much with their customers money...
I like the AE when conditions are ideal for it, but it's NOT an all rounder like t.ex. the Carves or S-types. It's a specific board for specific conditions...
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