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Default RE: Begintermediate on an X-186 Formula (2002 Vintage)

Hi Windrider,

Since no one from the team has answered, I thought I might try.

My opinion is that the formula board will not be very good for you, especially with those sized sails. For one thing, the volume and length of that board are relatively low, so it will be very slow and ungraceful through the water when you are not planing. Another thing is that the footstraps are way out on the rail, with no inboard options, which will make it hard for you to get in the footstraps even if you do get on a plane, which I think will take at least 15 knots with the 7.0.

If I were you I would keep the Equipe for winds less than 15 knots, and use a GO, START, or RIO to try to plane with the 7.0 when the wind approaches 15 knots. If you want to lower the planing threshold down to around 10 knots on your GO, START, or RIO, invest in a 9 or 10 meter sail.

I don't know if there is a local windsurfing club in your area, but if there is, I would strongly recommend joining it. My local club helped me a lot with equipment choices and techniques that would have taken me a lot more time to figure out on my own.
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