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Default RE: Sail sizes + power


Since we are talking about masts, here's one for you. I posted this today on windsurfing.rec. Maybe you can help.

I was bored to tears today so I decided to play around and rig my new
Hucker in the driveway today. Although I own a Backbone mast, I
decided to try it on an old Sailworks Blue label 410cm super epoxy
comp. It may be old but it is bomb proof.

I noticed that the shape was pretty close to when it is rigged on the
Backbone. The main difference is the rig tension. When downhauled,
the epoxy comp bends easier. I could notice it because of the tension
on the downhaul line. My question is, what effects should I expect
when sailing? Will it be a softer mast and thus spill wind easier? Also, will the draft travel because the rig tension is less? Or, am I just wrong?

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