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Default RE: iS145 vs. iS133 in 8-14kts 7.5-9.5 sails?

yesterday, I had a long day to get friends with my isonic 133.

- Inland small waterreservoir (1km*1km, but based 15m above the surrounding area)
- 10-14 knots (but also sometimes only 6-8 knots)
- gun booster 8.7m² which is perfect with the 48cm stockfin

I tried to set the mastbase more in front, but I had to much problems with a diving nose in the nowind periods. With the mastbase more at the back I could relax a little bit more and get some more height non-planning untill the wind came back.

My problems with the back feetstraps were solved, because I used my summer surfshoes instead of my winterboots (1mm neoprene against 5mm neoprene with watertemp. around 9°C. :| ).

I used my new helmetcamera, but it switched off on the water and no material left on the memorycard. Hopefully next time more luck, but hey it was a nice, sunny cruisingday. B)

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