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Default RE: Formula questions

Thanks for your insights Roger. I do have a 9.5 but for the days I go out I rarely use it even though I've hauled it with dozens and dozens of times. It seems like there are many 10-20 mph days where I'm planing >95% of the time on my 8.0 and don't need more power to fly around the lake. If the wind starts gusting into the mid 20s or more the 8.0 is still very fun and controllable where the 9.5 gets to be a lot. The 9.5 is also a real pain to transport because it doesn't fit in my top carrier and is harder to fit in van with the whole family so I've ended up not using it much.

Do you think a 58 cm fin is too small for the F147 or will it work fine with the 8.0 and just not offer as much early planing and upwindability?
ie if I have a 70 and 58 cm fin which would be best on 8.0 and F147?

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