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Default Kombat vs Freewave vs Acid

I'm looking to get a second board and am having trouble deciding what would be best.

I weigh 72kgs
Have a Carve 133 which I love in light/med winds and flat water
Comfortable waterstarting and blasting, carve gybes still a bit suspect
Recently tried a Kombat 97 in a F7-8 and loved it - so much smoother in the chop, more responsive, easier to jump etc. than my Carve. It's made me realise I need another board!

I'd like to use the board in 17kts+ both in flat/choppy water and I'm also really keen to get into wavesailing (Pagham / Wittering / Shoreham all likely spots + Cornwall occasionally)

I'm not interested in freestyle but really want a board that's smooth through the chop, will jump well, plane reasonably early and be great on waves.

I think the best boards would be either a Kombat 87, Fanatic Freewavee 86 or Pure Acid 86 but I have no idea how to choose between them!

Any advice would be much appreciated
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